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API Reference - proxy-service



type DeepAsync<TService> = TService extends (...args: any) => any
  ? ToAsyncFunction<TService>
  : TService extends { [key: string]: any }
  ? {
      [fn in keyof TService]: DeepAsync<TService[fn]>;
  : never;

A recursive type that deeply converts all methods in TService to be async.


function defineProxyService<TService extends Service, TArgs extends any[]>(
  name: string,
  init: (...args: TArgs) => TService,
  config?: ProxyServiceConfig
): [
  registerService: (...args: TArgs) => TService,
  getService: () => ProxyService<TService>
] {
  // ...

Utility for creating a service whose functions are executed in the background script regardless of the JS context the they are called from.


  • name: string
    A unique name for the service. Used to identify which service is being executed.

  • init: (...args: TArgs) => TService
    A function that returns your real service implementation. If args are listed, registerService will require the same set of arguments.

  • config?: ProxyServiceConfig


  • registerService: Used to register your service in the background
  • getService: Used to get an instance of the service anywhere in the extension.


function flattenPromise<T>(promise: Promise<T>): DeepAsync<T> {
  // ...

Given a promise of a variable, return a proxy to that awaits the promise internally so you don't have to call await twice.

This can be used to simplify handling Promise<Dependency> passed in your services.


function createService(dependencyPromise: Promise<SomeDependency>) {
  const dependency = flattenPromise(dependencyPromise);

  return {
    doSomething() {
      await dependency.someAsyncWork();
      // Instead of `await (await dependencyPromise).someAsyncWork();`


type ProxyService<TService> = TService extends DeepAsync<TService>
  ? TService
  : DeepAsync<TService>;

A type that ensures a service has only async methods.

  • If all methods are async, it returns the original type.
  • If the service has non-async methods, it returns a DeepAsync of the service.


Configure a proxy service's behavior. It uses @webext-core/messaging internally, so any config from ExtensionMessagingConfig can be passed as well.

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