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Reseting State

Implemented APIs store state in memory. When unit testing, we often want to reset all that state before each test so each test has a blank state. There are 3 ways to reset that in-memory state:

  1. Reset everything: fakeBrowser.reset()
  2. Reset just one API: fakeBrowser.{api}.resetState()
  3. Call fakeBrowser.{api}.on{Event}.removeAllListeners() to remove all the listeners setup for an event


All the reset methods are synchronous

For example, to clear the in-memory stored values for, you could call any of the following:

  • fakeBrowser.reset()

All these reset methods should show up in your editor's intelisense.


Generally, you should put a call to fakeBrowser.reset() in a beforeEach block to cleanup the state before every test.

Released under the MIT License.